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WWI ARMY VERNERS PATTERN COMPASS WITH CASE – barker & son of london with verner type dry card, transit lock and rotating glass crystal with bearing lock.stanley officers' compass wwi with original leather case.A very elegant brass cased explorer’s style compass with a separate push fit lid made by Francis Barker & Son around 1880, as evidenced by the small FBS logo within the Trademark London triangle, and printed on the card dial just below the North cardinal point.The stylish blued steel directional needle is engraved N & S in gold lettering & pivots on a brass capped bearing above a traditional dial, denoting 32 cardinal and inter cardinal points under a clean undamaged crystal.Technical data - Diameter (lid): 54mm - Depth: 35mm - Weight (empty): 180gr - Divisions: 6400 mils, counter-clockwise - Paint: grey, rests of green paint Manufacturer: some items are signed AINSWORTH. The original model (designed and built in 1942) was officially modernised a first time 2 years later (Mk II, 1944).Official user instruction available (go to our SHOP) MAGNAPOLE was the designation of some hand-held marching compasses designed and sold by SHORT & MASON Ltd solely and of pocket compasses in cooperation with TAYLOR. At some unknown later moment the remaining items were transformed again. Above: The crystal was secured by means of a wire feather. PROFILE - Short name of the company which was the first French mail order retailer created in 1885. The models shown are (among others) a boussole directrice, a Bzard, a Peign, a Lemaire, a Souchier etc.inside each eyepiece are the words "paris * iris * ". Otherwise shows signs of age, wear, use, dust, dirt, etc.

The English cross bar needle pivots on a gemstone bearing above the silvered dial under a clean, chip free glass crystal, and also has a lid axctivated transit lock.

This designation applies to a compass system with several designs.

For training purposes, the Army used a fold-out guide with a dummy compass. Low tech military compass made in India when it was part of the British Empire.

Missing glass on top as shown and several screws on the top bezel. "We want you to be satisfied , please, please and please contact us, if you ... Up for sale here is a nice world war i era cruchon & emons of berne switzerland us army engineers compass. vintage ww i military pocket compass with original box, cotton pouch, and paper advertising.

from an estate is a collection of compasses, measuring devices. This was the first accurate compass developed for the united states government . The maker is shown as plan ltd, neuchatel, switzerland. Bidders are invited to take part in the auction of this wwi compass .