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Interracial dating on college campus

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: The increased representation of minority students on the campuses of predominantly White universities in the United States presents increased opportunities for intercultural contact.Studying dating experiences across racial and ethnic lines has been used to determine the existence of a post-racial America.

It’s fantastic, and we should be proud of ourselves for that!

“Interracial relationships are a lot more special than regular relationships because they give you the opportunity to be exposed to a culture that you may be entirely unfamiliar with,” he says.

“In dating my girlfriend I was exposed to foods I might’ve been too nervous to try otherwise as well as a new type of family style eating.” Food is one factor that can arise when dating someone with a different cultural background, but it goes way beyond that too.

Even though it’s 2016 and people have made significant steps toward accepting relationships of all kinds, interracial couples still experience struggles that outsiders can’t relate to.

We’ve talked to an expert and college students who've been in interracial relationships to explain a few of these struggles as well as ways to deal with them.