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He says he's an oil rig engineer living in Long Beach, CA.

Catch and release dating game

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As secrets about her supposedly perfect fiancé emerge, Gray comes to see new sides of the man she thought she knew, and at the same time, finds herself drawn to the last man she ever expected to fall for.

Although this is not a Kevin Smith film, almost all of Smith's trademark elements can be found in it.

any man has a chance to sweep any woman off her feet. Granted, Vance is far more predatory than most people you’ll meet looking for romance. But it is worth using his extreme example to shed light on a less brazen—and more common—version of the character type: the “catch-and-release” dater.

He just needs the right broom.” Then along comes Vance. These are people who love the thrill of the dating pursuit.

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The interview goes bad the moment he admits he only wants to “get with her” and move on. For many reasons — ego gratification, adrenaline addiction, intimacy issues — they crave only the adventure and rush that come from the “dating game.” If nothing else, it reassures them they are still desirable.

The lady, although snooty (she could not eat on the wrong side of Moi Avenue), was the marriageable type given she had all the desirable traits (beauty, educated, good job except for the manners, which is something can be worked on if need be). Arthur was head-over-heels and ahead of himself before she pulled a surprise. In fact we ate out together last night, she was bubbly and in a upbeat mood, today I woke and she said she needs a break." You gaze into the space. And what I have observed most women who catch and release men is that it has nothing to do with commitment phobia.

It is more like that women now have power and they are not afraid to exercise the powers.

And in retrospect, I have realized that women who use men and dump them often start the relationship or lead the men on, giving them false hopes before pulling a plug without as much as an apology, much less a backward glance. He will blame the size of his manhood, bank account or some biological problem like halitosis or smelly feet and might take to alcohol or drugs.

Little is known to them that women have changed the way they do their things.